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Bad Dogs Design The Heritage Avo-8 MK II Nixie Clock

Bad Dog Designs
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The Heritage Avo-8 MK II Nixie Clock

  • This is an original Bakelite 1950's Avo - 8  that has been professionally upcycled into a great little Nixie Clock.
  • It's the much older Avo with the characteristic curved dial that is instantly recognizable.
  • In order to fit the Nixie tubes in, a carefully curved circuit board was designed
  • The original dial was recreated with the holes in the right place for the tubes.
  • Everything behind the glass is new.
  • The Bakelite casing and controls on the front are all original to the instrument.
  • No two of these heritage Avo clocks will be the same.
  • The casings all bear marks and labels they acquired throughout their life.
  • Each one was used as an invaluable measuring device back in their day.


    • Hours and Minutes and Date display on four IN-12B nixie tubes with 16mm digit height - tube life in excess of 20 years
    • Dedicated RTC chip, accurate to +/1 minute over a year
    • Simple time setting using two buttons. One for Hours, another for Minutes
    • 12 or 24-hour modes
    • Programmable backlight colour and effects
    • Standard, fading or crossfading with scroll-back display modes
    • Programmable night mode - blanked or dimmed display to save tubes or prevent sleep disturbance
    • Made from an original 1950's piece of test equipment

    The Meter measures (In): about (6.69) 17cm wide, (7.48) 19cm tall, and 10cm deep.

    Bad Dogs Design The Heritage Avo-8 MK II Nixie Clock
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