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Bad Dog Designs T-1000 Premium Nixie Clock

Bad Dog Designs
£319.99 £405.99
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The T-1000 Nixie Clock

Our flagship design is housed inside a mirror finish Stainless Steel case and laser engraved.
A larger 6 tube version of our little 'Naboo' Clock.
Uses 6 of the legendary Z570M German Nixie tubes and has a host of features including.

  • Time and Date display on 6 Z570M Nixie tubes
  • Fully programmable RGB backlighting with various display modes
  • Super accurate dedicated clock chip +/- 1 minute per year
  • Nixie tubes can last in excess of 20 years before needing replacement
  • Very simple setting with just 2 buttons
  • Fade / Slots / Scroll-back display effects
  • Will retain time without mains power for up to 3 years
Measures dimension (In): (7.28) 185mm wide, (3.15) 80mm deep, and (2.76) 70mm to the top of the tubes. 
Each T-1000 is individually signed and numbered in the workshop.
Bad Dog Designs T-1000 Premium Nixie Clock
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