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Bad Dog Designs The Naboo Nixie Clock

Bad Dog Designs
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The Naboo Nixie Clock

  • The Naboo is a contemporary Nixie clock.
  • Housed inside a stainless steel case that has been cut and engraved entirely by lasers. Clock or introduction into Nixie clocks.
  • Each Naboo is made by hand in the workshop.
  • Designed with a unique serial number underneath.


    • 4  off Z570M German Nixie tubes, displaying time and date
    • Mirror finish laser engraved stainless steel case
    • Nixie tubes can last in excess of 20 years before needing replacement
    • 12 - 24 hr selection / leading zero / blanking settings
    • Fully programmable RGB backlighting with various display modes
    • Accurate to within +/- 1 minute per year
    • Will retain time without mains power for up to 3 years

    Measuring dimensions (In) : (5.12) 13cm x (2.76) 7cm on the base, and (2.76) 7cm to the top of the tubes, an ideal desk

    Bad Dog Designs The Naboo Nixie Clock
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