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Bad Dog Designs The Humbug Nixie Clock

Bad Dog Designs
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The Humbug Nixie Clock

  • The Humbug clock is an art deco-inspired clock you can make as colourful or plain as you want.
  • Using the latest generation electronics and a precision laser-cut acrylic case.
    made of alternate layers of clear and black Perspex to give an eye-catching design.
  • Comes alive if the internal lighting is enabled.
  • The lighting has various modes, you can choose your own fixed colour.
  • Have them constant or pulsing.
  • It can cycle through all colours or even have a different colour for each tube that follows the number displayed.
  • A great little clock that is feature-packed and a guaranteed conversation starter.


    • 6 off Z570M Nixie tubes
    • Super easy to set the time
    • Displays Time and Date
    • Alarm clock mode
    • Various Colour display modes
    • Tube life in excess of 20 years
    • Accurate to +/- 1 minute per year

    The Humbug measures (In) 7.48 x 3.54 x 3.15 (19cm x 9cm x 8cm) tall, each one is individually signed and numbered on the underside.

    Bad Dog Designs The Humbug Nixie Clock
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