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Bad Dog Designs POD Clock

Bad Dog Designs
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The POD Clock

  • Presenting the POD clocks, a stylish little clock that uses the latest technology in terms of manufacturing and electronics.
  • The casing is 3D printed, allowing for a range of bright metallic colour from a vivid purple to convincing rose gold.
  • We can make any colour in-between.
  • The clock has been designed to be as easy to set as possible.
  • One button for setting the hours and another for the minutes.
  • Once set you can then leave it and it will accurately and reliably keep time for you.
  • If you're more technically inclined, there is then a settings menu and you can change and alter so many parameters.
  • We had to include a 16-page booklet with the clock.


    • 4 off legendary IN-12 Nixie tubes - life in excess of 20 years.
    • Time and date display.
    • Light sensitive, will automatically dim in a dark room.
    • Backlight colour fully programable, with varied patterns.
    • Internal battery keeps time for up to 3 years without clock powered.
    • Accurate to within +/- 1 minute per year.
    • Many more features and settings.
    • The POD clock measures Dimensions (in) (5.90) 15cm wide, (2.36) 6cm deep and (1.96) 5cm tall.
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