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Bad Dog Designs Cold War DP-66 Geiger Counter Nixie Clock

Bad Dog Designs
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Cold War DP-66 Geiger Counter Nixie Clock

These are Polish DP-66 Geiger Counters, as used in the Cold War that has been carefully dismantled.
Cleaned up and converted into a rather unusual Nixie Clock.
We have kept all the original features of the counter.
Even the dial still glows in the dark if you unplug it!
Great for fans of the computer games Half-Life / Fallout / Bio Shock etc.
As they are original period items.
The clock has a 4 tube Nixie clock, as well as a pulsing Neon on the front.
In the clip above, the LED tube lights have been set to pulse green.
Although you can change this in the settings very easily.

  • Time and Date display on four vertical Z570M side view tubes.
  • 12 or 24hr display modes.
  • Nixie tubes can last in excess of 20 years before needing replacement.
  • Accurate to +/- 1 minute per year.
  • Simple time setting using two buttons.
  • Programmable sleep mode to dim at night and wake in the morning.
  • Programmable RGB tube lights with many colour and mode options.
  • The countermeasures Dimensions (in) (7.08)18cm wide, (3.93) 10cm deep and (3.93) 10cm tall.
  • Going up to (5.51) 14cm tall to the top of the tubes.
  • The dial area measures (In) (2.95) 7.5cm X (1.52) 4cm.

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Bad Dog Designs Cold War DP-66 Geiger Counter Nixie Clock
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