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Copper Chakra Water Storage Vessel Water Pitcher 1.8L Flask Cools Water Pure Copper Jugs

Copper Chakra
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Pure Copper Jugs

  • NATURAL WATER PURIFIER - Copper kills bacteria and acts as a strong anti-inflammation agent. It purifies water naturally since its anti microbial and anti bacterial in nature.
  • COPPER HEALING - Numerous studies have demonstrated positive results of the effects of cooper on our health.
  • Storing water in copper vessels has long been known for it's ability to ionize and kill bacteria and provide germ protection.
  • Copper is also known for aiding the hut health, heal wounds faster, helps maintain a healthy heart and beats hypertension, protection from infections, boosts skin health and melanin, beats anemia, and many more....
  • SUSTAINABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY- Unlike plastic which is a threat to environment, copper is the most sustainable benefiting alternative.
  • HANDCRAFTED with Love by skilled artisans in India. Use it as a bedside Jug, kitchen accessory, house ornament or a gift to yourself and others!
  • TIPS ON DRINKING WATER - Before using this copper water jug do not forget to thoroughly rinse it first with a natural alkaline solution such as lemon and water.
  • Fill the vessel with water for over 6 hours prior to initial consumption to allow the process of Oligodynamic to take place.
  • Best practice is to fill the copper water dispenser with water at night, let it rest close by in order that the water becomes fully ionized and ready for consumption first thing in the next morning.
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Copper Chakra Water Storage Vessel Water Pitcher 1.8L Flask Cools Water Pure Copper Jugs
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