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Jewellery Kingdom Realistic Inside Out Hoops Simulated Diamond Earrings (Clear)

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LADIES 1 3/4 inch 32MM X 2.8MM wide sexy hoop earrings with pave set small simulated diamond inside and out going half way around snap closures comfortable to wear hypo allergenic and nickel free.
Finished Rhodium  ,Made the same why are real diamond ones are you would not know the difference.
Sparkling Simulated Diamonds, Super Clear, Very Sparkling, Look Very Like Real Diamonds Gift Boxed.
This brilliant sparkling jewellery retails at much higher price in jewelry stores.
The best grade Cubic Zirconia/Simulated Diamonds on the market.
There for will not fade or tarnish. Beware of imitations
Simulated diamonds also known as (Cubic Zirconias) have long been used as a substitute for the most popular and expensive of stones used in jewellery of today, but what are the facts, and what should you be aware of?
Well, here is a list of a few facts about our simulated diamonds/Cubic Zirconnias you may or may not already know:
* They are so visually close to diamonds as to be indistinguishable with an untrained eye.
* They are made from zirconium dioxide, which means they are harder than most natural gems, placing them at 8.5 on the Mohs' hardness scale, with natural diamonds being rated at 10.
* They are about 1.7 times heavier than natural diamonds.
*Where the natural kinds almost always have flaws, our simulated diamonds are virtually flawless.
* The simulated kinds are colourless, whereas this is true only in the rarest of diamonds.
So what does this mean for you? Well it simply depends on your situation.
If money is not an issue, then you may wish to purchase jewellery with natural diamonds.
But if you wish to have a varied collection on a limited budget and enjoy all the same benefits that this kind provides, then perhaps they will suit you much better.
It is important to remember that they are not "fake", they are simply man made.
This means that you can now enjoy the benefits of the most perfect kind, but at a fraction of the cost.
Why wait years to be able to enjoy the fire and brilliance of them when you can have them now?
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Jewellery Kingdom Realistic Inside Out Hoops Simulated Diamond Earrings (Clear)
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