Car Chakra 7x Wooden Tree Chakra's - British D'sire
Car Chakra 7x Wooden Tree Chakra's - British D'sire
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Car Chakra 7x Wooden Tree Chakra's

Car Chakra
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Wooden Tree Chakra's

  • These seven Chakra decorations are handmade in the rolling hills of Wales.
  • Created using FSC wood and reusable ingredients.
  • No string included.
  • Use on your tree, at home, in the car, or hang somewhere pretty!
  • Join the revolution in clean living.

What is Chakra?

  • The oldest known language spoken in the world to date is an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit.
  • The word "chakra" in Sanskrit means "disk" or "wheel" and refers to the energy points in the body.
  • These wheels or disks of spinning energy each correspond to seven main glands in your body, connected to your significant organs.
  • Each chakra vibrates and functions at different frequencies and for other purposes.
  • Sometimes when we suffer illnesses or injuries, these frequencies can be disturbed and cause us to feel physically or mentally unwell.
  • Use your chakra's as beautiful reminders to be kind to yourselves and others, not just at Christmas!
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Car Chakra 7x Wooden Tree Chakra's
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