Lipstick trends hotter than this summer

One of the most essential parts of make-up that draws a lot of attention is your lip color. Donning lipstick is the easiest and nicest way of enhancing your appearance. Lipstick is a game-changer when it comes to make-up. While a good lipstick can enhance your look manifolds, a wrong choice of lipstick can ruin it beyond repair. Whether you are going for an interview or getting ready for a date night, choosing the right lipstick is way more important than it seems. On that note, let’s check out preferred lipstick trends these days.
Put on a shimmery shine
Get your party started with a lustrous lip colour that is made to bedazzle everyone. Glossy lip color is a true head-turner. A forever fashion trend for the parties and festive looks, shining lip colour not only makes your lips seem plump but also gives them a more natural feel. Check out Amway COLOR™ Light Up Lip Gloss Artistry SIGNATURE on our website and choose from 8 different colours
The magical matte
While shiny lips sure attract a lot of attention, it's not always practical to go for them. They are more suitable for party looks, a matte finish lipstick on the other hand works for a more sophisticated look. Whether it is an official meeting, a casual beach outing or a normal workday, matte lipsticks are here to stay. Amway Artistry Studio™ Light Up Silky Matte Lip Color Shanghai Edition at is one of the best range of lip colors that you need to try.
Summer ready lips
No one likes smearing creams, puffy foundations and smudgy eyeliners. Summer is usually not a good time for full-fledged make-up, that is why many women prefer very subtle and effortless make-up in summers. A perfect lipstick is an important ingredient of summer fashion because it is the only part of make-up that remains untouched by the effects of summer.
Lip tints are in, this summer! Lip tints are generally applied on lips to give them color without giving them much shine. It’s perfect for a formal look as it gives an appearance lighter than lipsticks and feels a little more natural than lipsticks on your lips. Shop our Artistry Studio™ Tokyo Edition Jelly Plumping Lip Tint to make the perfect pout.
Perfect shade for you
Owning your skin and celebrating it with the right kind of make-up is the perfect way of exuding confidence. We understand that finding your perfect lipstick shade is a tough call, don’t worry we are here to help you.
A bright red lipstick brings out your minimal make-up look to perfection. Red matte lipstick is a must-have in your make-up collection this summer, it creates an illusion of perfect make-up and gives out a fresh vibrant look. Red lipstick works for both light and dark skin.
A subtle pink lipstick brings out your girlish charm and takes away years from your face. If you are going for a cool young look, embrace hues of pink. While a light pink lipstick is best for college, office or corporate looks, bright and bold pink is perfect for a girls' night out. When it comes to skin tones dark pink colours work for all skin tones i.e. light, dark or medium while a light pink generally doesn’t go well with lighter skin tones.
Colours like chocolate and brownish shades work magically for both dark and light skin tones.
When it comes to beauty there are no hard and fast rules. It’s a narrow alley, what works for others may not work for you and vice versa. Beauty is about carrying yourself confidently, more so than anything else.
So, don’t follow rules, keep on trying new shades and new varieties because, Hey! A little beauty experimentation never hurt anybody. Let us know your thoughts on this at We will be waiting to hear from you. Check out our range of make-up and beauty products exclusively on
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