How to stay in style this summer?

“You shouldn't judge a book by its cover”. There may be a lot of instances where this statement will hold true, although when it comes to fashion and style, it is the cover that makes all the difference. There is no denying the fact that first impressions are very important as a lot of perceptions are made on the basis of your appearance.
A good fashion sense is not only the key to making you feel good about yourself but also a tool to represent yourself in front of society. In this blog, we are going to learn about some styling tips to get you through this scorching summer. Let’s get started.
What’s your style?
Looking dapper is always in style, Isn't it? No matter where you are, where you are going and where you want to be. Your dressing sense speaks volumes about you. It is a mirror through which the world sees you. However, fashion is subjective and is different to everyone. While some prefer to dress according to trends, some like to create trends by just following their own style. When it comes to styling there is no right or wrong, you just let your feelings speak to the world through your style.
Comfort is the key
What’s your definition of a gentleman? A man adorned in a black and white tuxedo and a tie? Defining a gentleman is a bit more complicated than that. While there has been a lot of hype over the formal and informal looks of a man, the essence of all of them is the confidence and the comfort that they show while wearing any outfit.
Understand what works for you
Understanding your body type and what suits you, is a significant factor in styling. A well-fitting dress works like a charm for your style. Also when it comes to fashion you may follow the trends but also look for what brings out the best version of yourself. Just blindly following what works for others is the wrong way of styling yourself. However, you shouldn’t be shy to take up a new challenge or mix’n match.
Style tips to follow this summer:
Although men’s styling has always been tricky, there are a lot of rules which you can follow this summer to bring out your cool summer vibe!
1. While you may want to bid goodbye to jeans owing to scorching hot summer, chinos may be the ultimate choice for a cool formal look.
2. Go with neutral colours for your outfits. In summers you don’t have to necessarily wear a combination of light and dark colours, light contrasting colours also work for this season. Khaki is quite a hit this summer season, while you may also consider light pink, olive, light blue or white for shirts or t-shirts.
3. Chinos and shirts are always a good option for formal wear while for your informal looks you may want to play it light by pairing capris with shirts or polos. Floral pattern shirts give out a summer vibe like no other. Check out our floral range of shirts from Mario Thompson.
4. Joggers are a nice choice this summer. Find the right joggers, loose-fitting pants or capris to keep it light and trendy.
5. For a casual outing, you can always sport athletic shorts, make sure they aren’t too long or too short, it kills the total look. Denim shorts also work wonders when it comes to a sporty look. Have a look at our colour changing swimming shorts from Bellap.
6. A nice comfortable watch is a must for a complete gentleman look in any season.
The right pair of shoes
Now to complete your ensemble you will need a good pair of shoes. Loafers and sneakers go quite well with chinos. Find your perfect pair from Bolnique only at For your informal looks joggers and capris are best. You may pair them with sports shoes or sneakers with mid-calf or no show socks. Browse our cool range of socks from Bellap and Pure Essence Greetings.
Stay cool and stylish
You may go with baseball caps and sunglasses as accessories. Sunglasses are a must-have in summers. Apart from the classic styles, there is a lot of experimentation with the shapes and patterns of glasses. Choose what works for you from a wide variety of vibrant colours, broad frames and different glass shapes. Our cool aviator sunglasses from Bellap is an evergreen choice for sunglasses.
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