Fashion and Technology: The Right Mix?

The way technology has entered our lives is quite staggering. Can we imagine our lives without technology these days? Obviously No! The fashion industry too, which was said to be relying mainly on manpower has experienced a paradigm shift, with respect to technological involvement in recent years.
The two distinctive words, fashion and technology, are somehow so interconnected these days, that almost all elements of the fashion industry involve technology in some way. What started with the simple involvement of machines and tools, has now grown to involve complex processes like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and 3D printing.
Amidst all these changes some questions still remain unanswered. Have we been truly able to embrace fashion with technology? To which extent does fashion gets influenced by technology? What are some technology trends that are inspiring the fashion world? What is the future of fashion technology?
We are going to explore answers to these and many more questions in this blog. Let’s get started:
The involvement of technology in Fashion: Technology has changed the way the fashion industry works and for good. At this rate, in the coming years, it will totally change the face of the industry. Some of the most noteworthy changes in fashion technology are material innovation, AI, VR (Virtual reality) and 3D printing. Most e-commerce companies are exploring the use of AI which has worked wonders for the fashion industry.
If you are wondering how you are continuously being subjected to the product you have viewed or how you are shown the right product when you type a particular query, it is possible due to Generative Adversarial Networks, in layman’s words “the technology”.
We at are dedicated to providing you with the perfect results for your query. We are continuously striving to provide a better user experience to our customers. By using AI, e-commerce websites like ours have become able to give real-time responses to customers’ queries. The scope of AI has gradually increased to incorporate many user-friendly changes in the fashion industry.
Technological trends in the fashion world: With the advancement of social media, customers have become more and more aware of their interests and ways of shopping. There is a plethora of information available just a click away for the customers and a number of options to choose from. This makes the task of fashion industries quite tedious. Gone are the days when shopkeepers could push a product and create a demand. These days companies have to appeal to their prospective customers to make a sale. In fashion technology too, now designers and brands must embrace the latest technologies to push the limits of manufacturing, production and marketing. Quite a lot has been happening with respect to technological advancements in fashion these days. Let’s have a look at some of them:
1. Artificial Intelligence: As stated earlier in this article, the main purpose of artificial intelligence is to enhance customer experience by suggesting the right results for their queries. There are advancements going on with AI every day now. Nowadays you can get a whole wardrobe personalized for you with the help of AI.
2. Novel Fabrics: Every day new techniques, new products and new machines are added to the fashion industry. In light of this fact, it is noteworthy that with more technological innovation more and more pollutants are added to the environment. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. Sustainability is hardly a thing in the fashion industry. However, small steps are being taken to amend this and brands are nowadays focusing on improving the sustainability of clothing items or the manufacturing process. Novel fabrics are a new revolution in the fashion industry. Novel fabric is concerned with the idea of creating fabrics without harming animals or the environment. Pro-nature innovations are taking place these days thanks to the realization of the importance of animal cruelty-free products. We at British D’sire highly promote sustainable products. Check out this sustainable fleece jacket and hoodie made from recycled plastic bottles.
Mobile commerce: with the increasing involvement of smartphones in the lives of people, it is only evident that industries make use of it to provide a better experience and ease of access to their prospective or existing customers. According to BigCommerce, two out of three millennials would rather shop online than in-store. Mobile commerce is the next big thing in the fashion world. The way Instagram has altered the shopping experience of users is commendable. Instagram not only provides the customers with a better view of the product they want to purchase but also provides the companies with a platform to project their products in a way that appeals to their prospective customers. Stay connected with us on Instagram for featured products, blogs and more.
Apart from these technologies, there are many others such as virtual and augmented reality, rapid data analysis, blockchain, 3D printing and many more.
The future of fashion technology: Various fashion technologies are being used in the industry, it includes virtual and augmented reality, AI, 3D printing, material innovation, virtual influencers and bio packaging. Technology is helping in the automation of the fashion industry. It can be duly stated that these technologies will continue to be used and grow with time. These technologies will bring revolutionary changes to the fashion industry in the coming years. These changes will definitely affect the approach toward product development and design.
To sum it up, as technology has made its way into our lives rapidly, it’s high time that we adapt ourselves to the changes in technology. The fashion industry has quite meticulously accepted the technology and not only made the fashion industry more efficient but has also totally changed the way the fashion industry works.
At British D’sire, along with joining hands with current technology, we try to focus on sustainability too. We tend to do our bit for the environment by assisting businesses that are nature-oriented just like Teddy Edward. Check out Teddy Edward Products. We are ready to embrace technology by keeping ourselves updated with the newest trends in fashion technology.
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