YereLondon Amber Two-Piece Quilted Cropped Jacket Shorts Set (Black & Beige) - Black
Cropped Jacket Shorts Set  This is a timeless two-piece quilted cropped jacket shorts set. With a gorgeous vegan faux leather finish, this outfit can be dressed separately or together for even more variety and options. It is very comfortable to...
YereLondon Azteca Long Sleeved Bodycon Sequin Dress
Long Sleeved Bodycon Sequined Dress This is almost like a Great Gatsby themed dress. Azteca is a geometric, short but long sleeved bodycon sequined dress. It is basically a figure hugging statement complete with a golden touch to it. Material...
YereLondon Caliza Long Sleeved Satin Ruched Staple Dress (Beige & Red) - Red
Satin Ruched Staple Dress Caliza is this long sleeved, satin, ruched dress.It is on the shorter side but with long arm sleeves. A modern version of a staple dress. This dress makes a statement of its own, suitable for multiple...
YereLondon Cruella Sexy Sequin Dress (Leopard & Red)
Sexy Sequinned Dress Cruella is this sequinned dinner dress that you can wear to any dinner or parties. It has a slit at the bottom left to show a little skin, classy yet has a sexy touch to it. This...
YereLondon Davina Crop Top Fitted Skirt Two Piece Set
Crop Top Fitted Skirt Two Piece Set This is a two piece set with a crop top that is body fitted and a fitted skirt. It also has an A-symmetrical button details on the side. You will feel like a...
YereLondon Dynasty Faux Fur Thick Jacket
Dynasty Faux Fur Thick Jacket Dynasty is a wardrobe staple short, faux fur thick jacket with diagonal grooves.Simple yet very elegant, it is a great option for your everyday outfits in the colder seasons.  Material : 100% Polyester
YereLondon Midnight Dazzling Long Gown (Black & Beige) - Black
Midnight Dazzling Long Gown This dazzling dress will steal the spotlight to any room you walk into. This stunning evening long gown is effortlessly captivating.The deep neckline, leg slit and gorgeous sequencing will make you want to wear it countless...
YereLondon Mirage Beautiful Square Neckline Dress (Black, Beige & Brown) - Beige
This is a short basic dress with a silky quality which is also the best garment to dress up or down depending on your night. It has a square neckline, beautifully tailored and it will help you shine no matter...
YereLondon Palma Casual Collared Dress
Palma Casual Collared Dress With Spring in the horizon, this is the perfect casual collared dress for you. Wear it to an outdoor lunch or sunny day in the park.This dress has buttons in the middle with collar on top,...
YereLondon Polar Long Collared Fluffy Coat (Beige & Black) - Beige
Polar Long Collared Fluffy Coat The best winter layer is Polar.This long collared fluffy coat adds an effortlessly cosy and classy sense to any ensemble.There are two pockets on each side, as well as two buttons in the centre.It will...
YereLondon Quartz Bodycon Dress & Flared Skirt (Red)
Bodycon Dress & Flared Skirt This is a structured bodycon dress is suitable especially for a date with your other half. It has ruffled shoulders, bell sleeves and relaxed flared skirt that adds dimensions into the look. Let’s just allow...
YereLondon Royale V Neck Satin Short Dress (Beige & Black) - Beige
Satin Short Dress Feel regal in this satin short dress. It is designed with ruffles and a V-neck cut on the top. The monochromatic leopard print is so simple yet so alluring at the same time. The silky quality is...
YereLondon Serpentine Three Piece Tracksuit (Black)
Three Piece Tracksuit It does not matter if you have a to do list or you just want to lounge around.This three piece tracksuit; hooded top, sweatpants, and sleeveless mock neck top is a must have. It the comfortable but...
YereLondon Siesta Fancy Pant Suit
Siesta Fancy Pant Suit  Want to feel a gold rush? Here’s our golden, sequined playsuit. This fancy pant suit is the perfect option for occasions when you need the comfort of trousers but with the glam of a dress. Just add...
YereLondon Twilight One Shoulder Sleeve Dress
Twilight One Shoulder Sleeve Dress This shimmery short dress is completed with asymmetrical details, one shoulder sleeve and a cut out cleavage. This is also the perfect dress for any event as this dress will make you twilight through the...
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