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Copper Chakra Pure Raw Copper Tongue Cleaner, Antibacterial and Antimicrobial (Set Of Two)
Pure Raw Copper Tongue Cleaner (Set of 2) Handmade with raw copper, perfect as a personal hygiene tool for Copper’s antibacterial antimicrobial and anti oxidant properties! Noticeable difference in oral health!
Bellap Womens Venus Replacement Razor Heads
Womens Venus Replacement Razor Heads For smooth and soft skin. With protective cushions for soft skin. Lubrastrip with aloe. 3-bladed head for a close, smooth shave.Indicator strip for easy control and optimal.Venus shave Women's razor blade refills with 3 curve-hugging...
Apricot Leaf Liquid Hand Wash
Liquid Hand Wash Each bottle is 250ml There are 6 different scents: Lagoon (water fruits & pear) Mystique (rose & jasmine) Heavenly Harmony (Lily & apple) Zen (Mandarin & Jasmine) Garden of Eden (exotic fruits & basil) Citrus Zing (citrus...
£31.19 £23.20
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