Jewellery Kingdom Ladies Solitaire 2.40 Carat 18kt Simulated Diamond Ring (Gold)
Ladies Solitaire 2.40 Carat Simulated Diamond Ring Simulated Diamond Ring Prong Set Round Cut 2.40ct Gemstone Weight (10mm) On Basket Setting Finished In Icon 18kt Gold PlatedIcon Plating With Heavy Electroplating Is Better And Lasts Longer Than Traditional Plating Methods.With...
£23.99 £15.99
Jewellery Kingdom Simulated Diamonds Channel Interlocking Russian Wedding Band Ring (Silver)
Ladies Interlocking Channel Russian Wedding Ring Russian wedding bands with three overlapping channels set with AAA grade.It has a rhodium bonded finish and is long-lasting.Simulated diamonds that dazzle, are very transparent, and sparkle like real diamonds. Finish : Rhodium Bonded Gemstone Grade :...
£29.99 £19.99
Max.Medsurge Omnitex Thick Luxury Body Cleansing Wipes (Pack OF 80)
Omnitex Luxury, Thick Full Body Cleansing Wipes Microwaveable, Thick & Large with a Honeycomb Texture to offer a softer, luxurious and more hygienic clean. Ideal wipe size to use one wipe for each area of the body : Face, Neck,...
Jewellery Kingdom Ladies Eternity Twist Band Cz Stacking Stainless Steel Wedding Ring
Ladies 2.8mm Twist Eternity RingStainless steel 316L finish will not tarnish or turn your finger green, making it perfect for allergy sufferers.Stainless steel jewellery is long-lasting, doesn't tarnish or scratch easily, is nickle-free, and should be allergy-free for the majority of people.A stainless...
Copper Chakra 1L Copper Flask Superior Quality Hand Beaten Glossy Pure Copper Water Bottle
Pure Copper Water BottleCopper water is an inherited practice in Ayurveda and science has proven its anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. When water is stored and consumed in a copper vessel it alkalizes the water maintaining the PH levels...
Bolnique ARA Black Croco Leather Courts Shoes
Black ara coco courts in 5cm comfortable block heel, with leather insoles and leather sole. Heel: 5cm Insole: leather Sole: Leather
Jewellery Kingdom Ladies Princess 1 Carat Solitaire Accents Cz Sterling Silver Engagement Ring
Ladies 1 Carat Princess Cut Ring A simulated diamond ring with a 5.5mm princess cut simulated diamond claw set with small micro pave curves on both sides.Solid .925 stamp.Finished in sterling silver.Completely high quality. Main Stone: Cubic Zirconia Band Width: 4mm Gender: Female
Bellap Colour Changing Swimming Shorts - Green
Colour Changing Swimming Shorts Material - 70% Polyester, 30% Nylon Mesh Lining.Available in colours: Orange, Blue & Green.
Apricot Leaf Hug Ring
Leaf Hug Ring Perfect Present to give to your best friend or someone special to you. These hug rings are adjustable in size to suit almost anyone!
Jewellery Kingdom Thumb Black Stainless Steel Signet Pinky Mens Onyx Band Ring
Mens Onyx Band Ring Men's stainless steel 316l signet pinky ring with a 19,7mm onyx in the centre, of the highest quality.Stainless steel is non-tarnishing and non-fading. 5.90g good for allergy sufferers, no green finger!Stainless steel jewellery is long-lasting and...
Bad Dog Designs MK II Junior Nixie Clock
MK II Junior Nixie Clock A versatile 4 tube IN-12 Nixie Clock in a freestanding Laser-cut Acrylic case. This is a great little introduction to Nixie Clocks. it uses the robust IN-12 Russian Nixie tubes and makes a lovely little...
£189.99 £144.94
Max.Medsurge Cytolax Herbal Lice Treatment Cap
Cytolax Herbal Lice Treatment Caps, impregnated with a unique herbal solution to kill headlice, nits and eggs. Soothes the scalp, leaves hair grease-free & has a 97% success rate. Revolutionary product with 100% Natural Ingredients that is Non toxic and...
Mary Jean Travel Size Organic Scottish Exfoliating Body Scrub Soap Handmade With Sea Buckthorn
A moisturising soap bar with Seabuckthorn oil improving skin elasticity and health, with gentle Oats exfoliation to remove old skin and debris.Fantastically healthy for your skin Seabuckthorn has incredible vitamins A, B1, B2 K and folic acid promoting a clear...
£10.00 £9.40
Mary Jean Travel Size Organic Scottish Exfoliating Body Scrub Soap Handmade With Sea Buckthorn
A moisturising soap bar with Seabuckthorn oil improving skin elasticity and health, with gentle Oats exfoliation to remove old skin and debris.Fantastically healthy for your skin Seabuckthorn has incredible vitamins A, B1, B2 K and folic acid promoting a clear...
£30.00 £28.20
Max.Medsurge - HSE Compliant - Travel & Workplace First Aid Kit for 1 - 10 Persons
Brand - Ezy-Aid British HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Approved First Aid Kit Fully stocked to comply with regulations for up to 10 persons Minimum Expiry of contents - 2 years CE Certified Perfect for Workplaces, Travel and Home -...
Mary Jean Juniper Nutmeg Soap with Charcoal
Suitable for all skin types, best for sensitive and delicate.This detoxifying soap bar is a sensible alternative to your typical facial cleanser. Used regularly, it helps to clear up problematic skin issues. The presence of charcoal removes skin impurities, and...
£18.00 from £9.00
Mary Jean Travel Size Organic Scottish Exfoliating Oatmeal Body Scrub Soap Handmade With Honey
Enjoy a complete hypoallergenic and natural fragrance-free experience for sensitive skin, gentle exfoliation removes old skin cells giving you renewed, polished skin.Moisturised, clear healthier skin results in longer periods of hydration.Honey provides an extra layer of protection sealing in moisture.An...
£30.00 £28.20
Mary Jean Travel Size Organic Scottish Geranium May Chang Gentlemen's Shaving Soap Handmade With Kaolin
Handmade Organic Scottish Shaving Soap With Kaolin Our signature Scottish shaving soap formulated to be gentle on your face. Combination of two clays draws our impurities removing excessive sebum. Mango is rich in Vitamin A for calming skin irritation and itching...
£30.00 £28.50
Max.Medsurge Bio Pump Hand Sanitizer Cleansing Gel 4 x 500ml
500ml instant hand gel provides protection and safety to ensure 99% germ protection Excellent protection with a unique formula including 74% alcohol to protect you Apply gel to the palm of your hand, rub hands together until they are dry....
Max.Medsurge Bio-Fresh Rose of Bulgaria Shower Gel for Women with rose water, 330 ml (Pack of 3)
It contains the unique Bulgarian natural rose water, which gives excellent tolerance Tender and delicate shower gel for everyday body hygiene Washes efficaciously without disturbing the physiological skin balance It contains the unique Bulgarian natural rose water with high contents...
Max.Medsurge NAT'AURA 30+ natural and organic cosmetics 50 ml Balancing day cream for normal to oily skin.
95% natural ingredients and 42% organic ingredients phytocelltec alp rose / alpine rose stem cells/ alpine rose active /organic alpine rose extract/ organic borage seed oil Natural Ingredient approved for use in natural and organic cosmetic Ingredients: aqua, glycerin**, caprylic/capric...
Max.Medsurge Biofresh Rose of Bulgaria Liquid Soap Hand Wash with Natural Rose Water, 300 ml (Pack of 3)
Liquid Soap with natural rose water It contains the unique Bulgarian natural rosewater with high contents of Ether rose oil, which gives excellent tolerance and antibacterial characteristics Volume: 300ml
Universal Hair 2 Excel Bronze Package
VIP Membership Club8 to 12 inches bundles included black or dark brown wig (colour 1 and 1b)20% discount of bundles, closure and frontal.30 minutes consultationAfter care service via zoomCost £499 with the option to pay in 2 Monthly InstallmentsTerms &...

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